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At Brack Tours we welcome all feedback and we use this information to improve all aspects of our travel products and customer services. Our aim is to ensure that all of our tour packages include the highest quality of transport, accommodation, attractions and activities available in Ireland. And what way to improve than with our valued Client Testimonials?

We would like to thank past guests who have traveled with Brack Tours on previous trips for their kind words and feedback. It is very much appreciated. With every tour, we put our minds and hearts into creating a product that caters precisely to your needs and it is always fantastic to hear that that you have enjoyed your vacation.

Below you will find a collection of testimonials we have received over the years and we hope they will inspire you to book with Brack Tours. Or alternatively, check our client reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor

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Client Testimonials...

Group Tours

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Dear Nuala,

Thank you Brack Tours for a wonderful trip and especially James for your patience over the past year and a half of planning. It was a pleasure reconnecting with Dennis as well who made the trip special. He had new material for us and we left him with new material lol! The weather was great! Good craic was had by all!

Nancy Gardner

(Group Leader)


“Our trip to and from Ireland was absolutely picture perfect.  After last tour two years ago, I was a little nervous. It couldn’t have been better this time, like clockwork. The whole trip was fabulous. I didn’t realize the Glenveagh Natural Park was going to be so far a drive, but it was still good to see something new and I did love the Glenveagh Castle. Thank you for all you did to make it work like clockwork. I know you must have been pulling some strings along the way. It was good to see you again, thanks for joining us for breakfast”.

Diane Brennan

(Group Leader)

Brack Tours, 

“My husband and I had an amazing time and it’s important to note that neither of us is really keen on traveling with tour groups. We are so glad we did! The logistics of visiting the various places were very well planned and helped to keep time on the bus to a minimum.  Additionally, I especially enjoyed a more relaxed tour setting.

We loved the changing weather.  It added so much to the whole experience as you could feel the “moodiness and ruggedness” of Ireland with the changing weather. This was certainly the case at Slieve League. The beauty was enhanced by the mist and wind and all that heather!

We had never really thought much about going to Ireland before as neither of us are of Irish descent but we both loved everything about it and kind of feel we are part Irish now!”

The Hughes Family


“Just returned from a wonderful visit to Ireland with the St. Brigid’s Sports Club, South Boston, MA, USA. The Brack Tours trip was made ever so extraordinary because of the remarkable assistance of your tour operations manager, Nuala Saul and Sinead Greaney of your staff. The professionalism, attitude, style and grace of these two women is outstanding and an asset to your company.

While we were in Ireland my sisters and I needed to have the original certified copies of our grandparent’s birth certificates because we hope to obtain dual citizenship and an Irish Passport. In addition, we had all of the required information of the dates and towns where they were born, but because of time constraints on the tour, we would not be able to arrive at the Registrar’s Office in Galway before closing time on a Friday. Both Nuala and Sinead went out of their way to assure that we would indeed acquire the documentation that was important to us by going to the authorities and securing the documents. The service that they performed went above and beyond what was hoped for because they made a difficult and unattainable task seem easy and uncomplicated. Nuala and Sinead are definite assets to your company”.

Mary Connolly


“John and I had a wonderful time! We have heard nothing but great things from everyone that was in our group. Everyone preferred the smaller towns and country areas of Donegal and Connemara, to big cities like Dublin and Belfast. Finally, we ended up finding a pub that we loved and seen many of the beautiful sites in Ireland. We are discussing with Carol about our next group tour as it is the only way to travel in Ireland”.

Molly Kaklamanis

(Group Leader)

Client Testimonials...

Chauffeur Tours

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Hi Debra,

“We had a wonderful trip to Ireland. Did a lot of sightseeing and eating! Our driver, John Tynan, from Kerry Coaches was an excellent driver and guide, making lots of suggestions along the way. We could not have asked for anyone more helpful or kind, and he really made our entire trip so enjoyable. It was a great first trip to Ireland, and we will all remember it for a long time to come. You gave us some great suggestions for itineraries and worked hard to make it a success. I can’t thank you and Brack Tours enough for all your hard work.”



James and Nuala,
“We had an incredible trip. Simon was excellent and really made the trip special. His humor and enthusiasm and knowledge was exceptional. He really did take care of us by making sure we arrived at our destination on time and calling ahead for reservations. And, if we were late he called ahead to let them know we were running late. I appreciated the planning process and your feedback as to where to go such as Kinsale and the Fishy Fishy. All in all, it was a special trip as we were able to see many ancestral places but it was the people we met that truly made the trip one we will never forget.”

Thanks for helping make our trip successful,
Bob and Carol Mead

Dear Sinead, 

“I wanted to send along a special note to you.  Our trip was better than expected. Your beautiful country, our itinerary that took us along the coast of Ireland from Dublin to Belfast to Ballyliffin and back around through Cork, Galway and Killarney was spectacular. Dennis Carroll was a perfect tour guide who listened and guided us. I do recall requesting an Irishman who was witty, smart, informative and flexible and he fit the bill to perfection. A million Thank You, for making this a family trip of a lifetime.  We will talk about our trip for years to come. Please feel free to share”!

Marie Mansfield

Brack Tours, 

“Still on tour with Peter Clarke…having a wonderful time. Leaving Solis Lough Eske Castle in Donegal tomorrow and heading for Derry followed by Belfast and then home. These 2 weeks have been amazing with my family. The 6 of us Americans have had the time of our lives. Highly recommended way to visit Ireland. Peter knows his stuff, is very accommodating and makes you feel right at home. He is also very funny and a master storyteller. He is passionate about Ireland and his business”.

Pat McParland


“I waited a day to write this because I had to comprehend just how perfect a vacation we as a family had. It is certainly not easy to move six people together over an est. 8,000 miles without so much as a hitch. When you have a professional on the team to mix the recipe and bake the cake you have the perfect desert. We are so impressed how all the pieces fell into place Barb, myself and the kids are smiling ear to ear.

Of course, we do understand it all didn’t happen with one or two phone calls, emails and texts but with your constant attention to detail, understanding our needs with a large group and achieving perfection. Clearly not easy in today’s world to satisfy people who travel and the limitations that you must face. No complaints here and again I want to thank you for your hard work and for making our time together during our holiday something to remember for a lifetime.

Thanks so very much”



The Ronayne Family

Client Testimonials...

Self Drive Tours

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Dear Debra,

“Thank you so much for your welcome message. Also, thank you to you and Nuala for coming out to see me in Newry. I cannot express just how wonderful it was to meet you, but also just to be able to chat a bit and feel as though I had really “arrived” in Ireland. Firstly, I need to say that all the bookings, including the car, went off just flawlessly. However, I think the only surprise was that the Tinakilly had me down for two rooms. But they sorted that all out quickly and gave me a junior suite that was truly impressive and perhaps the sweetest, prettiest room of the stay.

As a result, I am so delighted that I was pointed to Brack Tours and to you all. You gave me the peace of mind so that I could immerse myself in the adventure with no worries at all. Absolutely brilliant!”

Lorraine LeBlanc


“I just wanted to write you a note to say thanks for everything. We had a fantastic time. The castle was especially fun, they bumped us up to part of the presidential suite in the castle itself, and between it and the spa we didn’t end up leaving the day we were there. Really it was all great though. Finally, thanks again for everything.”

Mr & Mrs Byram


“Thanks again for the wonderful preparation work you did for us, we had a fabulous time! Notably, the driving between destinations worked out very well. As such, we didn’t have to spend so much of our time reaching the next hotel. The hotels that you had chosen for us were all very lovely with friendly members of staff and they were very informative. The Cliff House in Ardmore was beyond our expectations. We really needed to spend a few more nights here. A lot to do and see and we will plan to make arrangement to spend more time here next time we are in Ireland.”


Pam and Roger

Nuala & James, 

“Thank you all for your assistance in setting up this trip. You were all so helpful and made the trip so easy. James is a gem and so patient and helpful with all my changes and questions. To begin, the hotels were great and the suggested provided by James to return rental car when we arrived in Dublin was an excellent idea. Consequently, the hotel location made it very easy to walk around Dublin and use the Hop On/ Hop Off bus. The Royal in Killarney was a joy! The renovations were surprising and beautiful.

Registering at a desk with lovely Nuala was a very welcoming and a very pleasing experience. The staff were exceptional and treated us like friends. We even got hugs when we left. Larry and I both decided we’d love to go back there and spend more time if we get the chance. Thank you all again and I will sing your praises and recommend Brack Tours to anyone who asks and even to some who don’t ask”.

Dian Brady


“I would like to thank you and your staff for a wonderful self-drive tour of Ireland. Your staff has done nothing but go above and beyond the call of duty to help us plan exactly what we wanted to do. Someone was always there to answer our questions, take care of the many changes we made in our plans. As such, I cannot say enough about the wonderful service you provided us and your suggestions have always been spot on perfect! Our hotels were magnificent and the service was fabulous. We can’t wait to book our next trip with you”!

Michael Mone

Hotels / Attractions / Transportation

Industry Partner Testimonials

As we our your one stop shop for all your Ireland travel needs Brack Tours do all the work so you don’t have to worry. With this in mind our dedicated team of travel professionals have build good working relationships within the Irish Travel Industry, whether this is to do with accommodations, attractions & transportation Brack Tours have managed to secure a great relationship on the ground to ensure your tour experience in Ireland is perfect.

Dont just take our word for it see some of the things that our partners have said about us and we hope this gives you reassurance that Brack Tours are the company for you.